Thursday, April 5, 2012

Celebrating 25 years and Blog Follower appreciation

Well today we are off on an adventure to celebrate 25 years of marraige! We never really had a chance to have a honeymoon so we decided on our 25th anniversery year that we would finally do it right. We are so excited to be able to share the special time together on a cruise. I was very blessed to find this awesome man! We dated each other 2 weeks when I decided he was the one. One month later we married.  I have never regreted this choice. He is the man I prayed for and I thank God for allowing me to love and be loved so deeply.

I will have more updates for you when I get back from the trip. In the meantime I have an idea. Lets do a follower appreciation blog hop. I have been visiting my followers websites and there are some really talented ladies and gentlemen out there. I encourage all of you to visit my followers blogs and take a day to visit at least 15 to 20 or your followers blogs this week and leave a nice comment.

To my followers, thanks so much for your support. I never really thought I would have follwers and it is so cool to share ideas and be able to visit everyones sites. I have visited most of my followers blogs if they where listed on the followers page. I have followed everyone I could because you all are so inspiring! If I have not followed you yet I will be checking you out when I return because I have not had a chance to visit some of my new followers blogs yet. I promise I will when I return! Thanks again for taking time to check out my site and for all the wonderful comments you leave!
Again please take time to check out your followers blogs and show some love!  Make a post on your blog to tell your followers that you apprieciate them!

See you soon with trip updates!