Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Precious Kitty Card

I made this card using the Blossoms and Butterflies Stack from DCWV. U printed of a free Digi Stamp from internet and then colored it with colored pencils. I used mineral spirits to blend the colors. I love this technique. I am horrible at coloring with markers and found that I can do well with the coloring pencils. I also can't afford Copics at this time. I hope you enjoyed the card!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Very easy alcohol ink spray recipes

I decided to try my hand at making my own alcohol ink since I had everything on hand already.  All I needed to do was buy the bottles. It was a very simple recipe. Fill the bottle 3/4 full of rubbing alcohol then add food coloring to your desired color. I mixed blue and red for purple. Yellow and red for orange. I was very pleased that this simple recipe turned out so well. I would not use these with a scrapbook but I am planning on starting art journaling.
I have also seen another interesting recipe I may try. Using Sharpie, Bic or even Dollar tree permanent markers. You fill your spray bottle about 3/4 full of alcohol. Then you pour that into a plastic cup (ink stains glass of ceramic). Take the tip of the marker out of the tip of the pen and place into the alcohol. Let it sit until you get the desired color. If you want a deeper color open the pen and place the entire ink filled center into the alcohol. I have seen that several people have bought the Dollar Tree marker sets and have been pleased. They are usually only 4 colors but the Sharpie, BIC permanent markers have wider ranges of colors.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Using Coloring Pencils and New Tanner Bell Designs Stamps

I have been seeing alot of cards made with stamps and colored pencils so I decided to try my hand. I bought a few Prismacolor pencils and the cheapest brand I could find CraZart Pencils from Walmart. Honestly in trying both I really did not see much difference between the two. I used the shading technique of blending with mineral spirits with both and the results where very simular. So since I can't afford buying too many Prismacolor pencils at one time I will be glad to used the craZart pencils. 
If you like the Just a note stamp it is from the Mr Cricut Crazy Office Office Stamp set. Mr. Cricut Crazy is now known as Tanner Bell Designs. To check out his other stamps click below on the pictures. He has two awesome new sets.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Butterfly card and problems with imagine

This card was a simple card to make. All I did was cut blue paper with the Wild Cards Cricut cartridge. I then used Lori's Garden Cricut Imagine cartridge to print and cut the butterfly design. For some reason when the imagine got done printing it woud not cut. The print cartridges stop reading. I had to pull them out and put them back in for one of them to read again. My color cartridge would not read and I know it was over half way full. I had to put a completely new cartridge in for it to work. Made me so frustrated since they are so expensive. If yu know of a good place to get new ink cartridges for cheap prices please share. Have a blessed day.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank you for all that you are!

I have been playing alot with embossing lately. I just love the look. This card has turned out to be one of my favorite ones I have made lately. I heat embossed the green on the card then cut out flowers and placed them on the green like a vine. I used the Circut Imagine to cut the scalloped edge then took pink ink and shaded the edges.
Sorry if this isn't what you came here for but I want to start sharing a little more of my life with you. That includes my faith. I will miss you if you unfriend me but this is me and I love the Lord! 
 I had an awesome day today. I lead worship service today at church and really felt that God presence could be felt during the service. Not because of me singing only because of him.  I had struggled so badly at the practices with the timing of a couple of the songs. I was so worried I would mess up the service. One of my good friends talked to me and said just let go and to worship God instead of singing for an audience. Don't worry about the technical parts of the music just let God take over and worship. I prayed very hard before service that God would take over for me because I couldn't do it on my own. I was so thankful that God answered my prayers and the service went well. I could just let go and praise Him. It is amazing what can happen when you let God take over. Letting him take over in all areas of your life. So this is a big part of my life. I hope you all understand and keep visiting.