Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pop up Cupcake Card

This card was made with the Cricut Imagine. I printed and cut three cupcakes from the "Yummy" Cricut Imagine cartridge. One cupcake at 3 inches and the other two at 2. I then folded the 3 inch cupcake in half with a bone folder image facing outside when folded. Then I folded the corners up to the center fold so that the image is folded onto itself amking a triangular shape. I positioned the folded cupcake inside the card, with the card closed to see how far down the  cupcake needs to go so that it won't stick out of the card when it is closed. The center fold on the card should be lined up with the center fold of the cupcake. I then taped the cupcake onto the card two inches down from the top of the card with my ATG gun. Only putting one strip of adhesive at the very bottom of the cupcake. I then also put adhesive along the outside of the fold lines.

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