Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our first snow of the year and camera tips

We finally got our first snow of the year on the 20th.  It was really dark with just a little light from my neighbors yard pointed up in the trees. I was really surpirised how much light the camera picked up. It almost looks like daylight. I challange all of you to experiment with your cameras. There are many sites with really good tips for specific cameras and some sites that cover digital photography in general. I bet if you look you will be able to find your camera and tips on how to get the most out of it on Youtube. If not go to the manufacturers website to see if they have any helpful tips or videos.  
Here are some helpful sites I have found.
YouTube   (type in your camera or use general tips)

Before buying a camera check out online reviews from independant sites and Youtube to see if it is really the camera you want.
 I used my digital SLR camera to see how it took night pictures. It has an ISO setting of 6400 and I was curious what it would do. I turned off the flash and allowed the camera to pick the ISO setting. TIP for night pictures: It is best to have a stand or sit the camera on a stable surface. Camera shake will blur night pictures. especially when you have your ISO set in 800 to 6400 field. The shutter speed slows to allow more light in and if you shake twitch or move it blurs the picture. Also try using your manual focus for night pictures. You will be surprised how well the picture will turn out with a stand and manual focus.Hope you enjoy the picture.


  1. Lisa,
    This is an awesome shot!
    We haven't gotten any snow accumulation this year, such a bummer. At least their are 3.5 weeks left before spring, we still have a shot at it:)

    1. This is probably about all we will see this year here in our art of NC. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hello, Lisa!! I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award!! Stop by my blog ( to pick it up! :)