Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long awaited return and update

Hi all! I am sorry for the long time away but I am finally back. I have had several major things in my life that kept me from blogging/crafting for awhile. Well first off I have been without my regular computer since it crashed. Thank God for my droid to keep me updated with your blogs. I also had been dealing with daily headaches/migranes since April from a severe fibromyalgia flare and just did not feel well enough to be inspired to craft. Well thanks to the good Lord and my Dr. I have a new medicine that has zapped my migranes and it is also taking the edge off the fibromyalgia pain. Second my mother has recently moved in with us and I have been busy catching up with her. She came all the way from Florida and its really nice to have my mother close to me.
I have missed doing my blog and I am ready for the creative challange again since things have gotten better health wise and my mother is now settled. Glad to be back and can't wait to share some new ideas I have for projects.

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