Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sending Love

Hi all! I have stocked up on Cricut Imagine cartridges because the Cricut website has dropped their prices on the Imagine cartridges to $19.99. I have a feeling they won't be making many more of them since they are dropping prices like that which makes me sad. I love my Imagine and what it can do with it. I have been hearing alot about the Cameo Silhouette but not sure I want to invest in another big ticket item at this time. I will wait until more people switch to see what their opinions are after using it for a good while. If you want to let me know what you think about your Silhouette if you have one please leave a comment.

For this card I used the Better together Cricut Imagine Cartridge. I love the images in this cartridge. I used the Martha  Stewart Ring punch for the corners of the paper.

Since my mother moved in we are finding we need more craft storage space to allow both of us to use the space effectivly. I also want her to feel at home in the craft room. I found a six section wire rack system at ALDI's for $16.99. I bought two sets and combined them using the extra pieces to make shelves. I used plastic ties to put the shelves in and it works great. I am moving some of my stuff there to give her drawer space and purchasing baskets to put on the shelves of this system for her material. I still have a lot of work to do to get the room the way we need it and to make it work for both of us. Wish me luck!

I am absolutely loving having my mother her with us. It is so nice to come home and see her. To have her give me hugs. I really did not realize how badly I missed my family.

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